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Use technical expertise and knowledge to build innovative digital solutions for our clients at excellent value. Specialising in automating manual processes into user friendly experiences using a wide range of technologies to meet requirements.

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The value of simple content structure, clean and thoughtful designs is forefront of the process. Making use of website wireframes and entity relationship diagrams during the design stage of the software lifecycle.


Code user interfaces by developing bespoke systems and tailoring to user requirements. Making use of HTML, CSS, C#, Java, Javascript and Bootstrap as projects require.


Maintain and manage the data within the database which is used to display on the front end. Develop reports based on the data using T-SQL for querying and managing the data and SSRS for reporting.


It is important to test and check the requirements are met; testing is a huge part of development to ensure consistency and performance. A system developed is thoroughly tested prior to handover.


Each project developed comes with full documentation. Essential for future debugging and reference to requirements and necessary information.

Client Feedback

Client involvement is key to the development of a system, through regular conversations and interactions the system that perfectly suits a client's needs can be created.


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